Manual Mode

Used to maneuver in crowded places with many obstacles.

Auto-tracking Mode

Used in open space wider than a person’s arm span.

Tracks and follows user with the lidar sensor.

Emergency braking prevents accidents by stopping the trolley when obstacles are identified.

Alarm system for warning the user in undrivable areas
(bunkers, hazards, etc.).

Hands-free driving lets you enjoy the game and focus on scoring.


Scorekeeping using the tablet.

Scorecard printing from kiosk.

Scorecard sharing with the POPGOLF app.

Top best/average performances tracking and real-time updating for each golf course.


Target distances and hole location info using GPS.

High resolution course maps.

Intellignet caddy will help with course and shot strategy using voice.

Distance to the foursome ahead.


Voice messaging with the cart rental office.

Wireless voice communication with course employee.

Pre-ordering of snacks.

Lost and found reporting.

Price USD $5,000
Dimensions 28 X 40 X 34 in
Weight 66 lb Main battery 36V 10Ah (or 15Ah)
Motor Dual BLDC 350W Maximum slope 15 degrees
Max speed 5.5mile/h Max load weight 110 lb / 66 lbs
Max operation time 7 hours (or 10 hours) Max operation distance 9mile (or 15mile)
Battery - Type : Lithium-ion
- Power : 36V 10Ah (or 15Ah)
- Weight : 6 lb
- Charge time : 6 hours (or 8 hours)
- Lifetime : 500 charges
Remote control - Battery type : Lithium-polymer
- Power : 3.7V 1,000mAh
- Weight : 0.9 oz
- Operation time : 30 hours
- Charge time : 2 hours
Drive - Follow : Rear wheel drive
- Assist : Front / Rear wheel drive
Optional Accessories - Bottle holder
- Basket
- Weight : 0.9 oz
- Putter holder
- Sand bottle & holder
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